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May 20, 2019: Spectrum News 1 ran this story every hour on the hour from 6a-7p with 5 unique studio bumps!

Top: May 2019: Members of ACFC after their productive meeting with Senator Stern's staff! 

May 2019: Members of ACFC had a wonderful meeting with Assemblymember Smith, CA 38.

Bottom: March 2019: Members of ACFC met with staff of Senator Allen, CA 26. 

Ferrets are lively, lovable, adorable additions to our animal family, yet are still illegal in the state of California. Whaaaat? Being a ferret lover herself, Charly Kayle finds out the facts from Megan Mitchell, founder of Angel City Ferret Club in Los Angeles, who is actively working on changing legislation to decriminalize domestic ferrets.

Grassroots Group Fighting to Legalize Pet Ferrets.

Culver City Woman Leads Fight to Make Ferrets Legal Pets in California

Culver City Woman Trying To Make Ferrets Legal CA Pets. Owning a ferret in California can get you charged with a misdemeanor, up to six months in jail, or $1,000 in fines.

Club urges council to back ferret legalization

Advocates Urge Santa Clarita City Council To Support Ferret Legalization

Council to study pros and cons of ferret legalization

Club will advocate to legalize ferrets at council meeting

Westside today attended the Culver City Council Meeting on Nov. 6, 2017 where City Council voted to add a proclamation in support of ferret legalization to the agenda. 

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ACFC Members
May 12, 2018: Ferret supporters in Los Angeles came together to discuss ferret legalization in California!

(Since ferrets are unfortunately still illegal in California, leading to a misdemeanor charge; we take care to protect the identity of our supporters.)

ACFC at Culver City City Council Meeting

Addressing Culver City City Council on March 26, 2018. City Council voted, 3-2, to "take no action" regarding a ferret proclamation in support of ferret legalization in California.

ACFC Members in Santa Clarita
On Nov. 28, 2017 14 ferret enthusiast (not all pictured) asked Santa Clarita to support them at the City Council meeting.
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